Hire a Safe Clean Fun Comedy HypnoTist For your entertainment needs!

Amazing Entertainment is What I do! Nothing beats a Safe Clean Fun Comedy Hypnosis Show!

Just Imagine The Best Comedy Hypnosis Show You Have Ever Experienced!.....

The stage is set, the lights are low, everyone is all dressed up and you know its time for the highlight of the event. It’s time for the entertainment! Comedy Hypnotist Jesse Lewis.

A sharp dressed man walks on stage and your event is officially a hit. All of the hard work has paid off. This is the Funniest Comedy Hypnotist Show you have ever seen.

It just does not seem possible! So easy to book, so professional, not like any other entertainer you have ever worked with!

You know exactly how hard it is to find entertainment for your events! Especially entertainment that is fun, full of laughter and guaranteed not to offend any guests! That is What Comedy Hypnotist Jesse Lewis does!

Are you to the point where you think that kind of entertainer doesn’t exist?

All of your concerns will be blown away because when you work with Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist you get:

– Amazing audience participation that creates fantastic  memories for your guests.

– An environment that is safe, clean, and fun so you have no worries that your guests will find the  material inappropriate.
– Custom designed unforgettable memories for your audience so they will be talking about YOUR event for a long time!

– Your audience will be at the edge of their seat participating during your event fully engaged and fully present.

It’s your time to have Safe, Clean, Fun entertainment with years of experience! Realize the possibilities of your event with
Jesse Lewis.

Scroll the form down and fill in each section and Jesse will send a hassle free quote for your event.


You need your event to be safe! Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist does just that! Performing a safe comedy hypnosis show since 2007!


Entertainment that is suitable for grandma! No vulgar language or suggestions. The comedy hypnosis show is all kept squeaky clean!


Yes THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is fun! Proven laughs and a whole lot of smiles! Perfect for any event!
Your events can experience the joy of a clean comedy hypnosis show!

The magic of Experience

Since way back in 2007 Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist has used hypnosis to entertain audiences all over the world!

Just a Few Testimonials recommending me Comedy Hypnotist JEsse LEwis for your event!

Just a few of my previous clients! Let me help you have a great event too with the finest comedy hypnosis show!

You Want An Expert On Stage Hypnosis Entertainment?
Hire Me I Wrote The Book On Stage Hypnosis!

Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis

Comedy HypnoTist Jesse Lewis in the media?
Radio, Television, Podcasts and Even In Print MEdia!

Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis

Comedy HypnoTiSt Jesse Lewis on stage?
show me the pictures!

{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist

The Best choice for your event entertainment is a Comedy Hypnotist Show -
Performed by a Pro! here are some answers to the most common questions about comedy stage hypnosis!

Safe Clean Fun Comedy HypnoTist Jesse Lewis is the right choice For your entertainment needs!

You Want An Expert On Stage Hypnosis Entertainment and entertainment in general Here are some helpful tips on how to hire a professional performer for your event!

Tips For finding great entertainment: YOur Search

Yes the first tip is how to search!
Make sure you are looking for the right type of entertainment for your event! Whether its a Clean Comedy Hypnotist, A fantastic Magician, A Dj, a band or any type of entertainment there are a few important things you should be looking for!
The first is to be able to prove the entertainers history! ANYONE CAN PAY 5$ On Fiverr for some great looking testimonials. You should look for video testimonials and press and other media that proves the entertainer can and has done a good job in the past.
What will that look like? Well look for real crowds in the background of the testimonial or even things you would normally find in the back of a venue. That proves the event existed in the first place and if the person giving the testimonial does not look like a paid actor then you probably have a winner!
The second clue is media attention. Real professionals have probably in the media for events just like yours. For instance Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist has a full section on this site dedicated to his print radio and television media! This is a sure sign f a proffesional entertainer!
The Third clue is how they interact with you! Are they prompt with their responses? Are they able to answer your questions and more importantly ask you about your event to make sure they are actually a good match? Are they an expert in the field? Have they written a book or received any awards? What about training from other professionals? Comedy Hypnotist Jesse Lewis has all of these things.
The fourth thing you should look for is professionalism in their photos and videos! Do they look appropriately dressed for your event?
The Fifth thing you should look for is if they have entertained for events like yours before. Most entertainers who have been in this business will work different types of events from company holiday parties to weddings to high school events and even fairs and festivals. This shows that those entertainers that have done this are resilient with the audiences they can perform for. It is also a good indication that those entertainers are full time and work year round honing their skills. Not every type of event is available to work all the time so they follow the seasons the events are happening.

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist performs all over Canada Fill out the form to request your free quote.

Alberta Comedy Hypnotist

Saskatchewan Comedy Hypnotist

Manitoba Comedy Hypnotist

Ontario Comedy Hypnotist

British Columbia Comedy Hypnotist

Hiring a Comedy Hypnotist's should not be hard.

The fact is if you are looking for a professional entertainer like a comedian, hypnotist, magician, dj or any other type of performer they should be easy to worjk with. Thats what you get when you hire Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist. A proffesional who cares about your time, your budget and your event.

That's Why we ask you to fill out the form

The proof that Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist is right for your event is right on this page. Now its up to you to contact him with the right information to let him help you create a magical event for your guests.

A comedy stage hypnotist Should be a Proffesional

What does that mean?
Dressing right for your event entertainment whatever that is.
Being Clean and Hygenic - Your entertainer represents you on stage.
Being On Time - Nothing is worse than a late entertainer which is why Jesse always arrives early to set up or do sound checks.
On promotional going support so you can promote your event like a pro. With all of the tools to make you shine and quick and easy guides to sell tickets o get people excited.

A comedy stage hypnotist Should be Enetertaining....

We have all sat through a show that just drags on! There is no need for that from the first minute Jesse Will have your audience laughing and the second minute deeply intrigued by what is going on on stage. No 30 minute hypnotic induction instead he starts in about 5 minutes doing the hypnosis and its a roller coaster show from that point forward.
Of Course that roller coaster is kept Safe Clean An Fun full of Comedy Stage Hypnosis!

A comedy stage hypnotist Should be Motivational?

Yes I said it. The show should have a purpose too! That's why in every show Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist incorporates a few motivational moments. Nothing to crazy. Simple suggestions that let people live better lives and give themselves permission to achieve their own personal dreams! In fact his motivational presentations were so well received that he has taught other hypnotists how to incorporate them as well.

Comedy Stage Hypnosis For Corporate Events!

Comedy Stage Hypnosis is the perfect entertainment for:
Company Holiday PArties
Staff Appreciation Events
Company Picnics
Company BBQ's
Grand Openings
Customer Appreciation Events
Gala Events

Comedy Stage Hypnosis For School Events

Motivational School assemblies
Freshie Week Parties
Comedy Hypnotist Jesse Lewis works with all types of school events!

Comedy Stage Hypnosis For Fairs And Festivals

From the largest exhibitions to tiny music festivals Hypnotist Jesse Lewis can help you with your event.
He as worked fairs and festivals all over Canada

Comedy Stage Hypnosis For Community Events

Need to have a community holiday party?
Maybe raise funds for a pool?
Perhaps just have a good time with your community group. Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist can help you out!

Comedy Stage Hypnosis FOr Family Events

Wouldn't it be nice? A professional show at your next:
Let Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist help you create family memories that last forever!

Safe Clean Fun Comedy HypnoTist Jesse Lewis is the right choice For your entertainment needs!