10 Ways To Relieve Stress And Create A Healthier Environment

We can’t avoid stress in our day to day lives, but we can learn to control it. Using these tools will help you control your stress, making you happier and healthier. 

TOOL #1: Stand up and STRETCH! 

Taking a minute to stand up and stretch at your desk is a  great stress reliever. It takes your mind off what you are  working on, and helps get your blood flowing.  

TOOL #2: Count and Relax 

When you are ready to explode, take a minute, shut your eyes and start counting. If you feel you are under control  by the time you hit ten, then stop and approach the  problem in a calm way. If not, then keep counting until  you are able to do so. 

TOOL #3: Do One Thing at a Time 

When we try to do multiple things at once, most of the  time we end up not getting anything done. If you take  one task at a time, give it your full attention until completion, you will be more productive and less stressed. 

TOOL #4: What You are Grateful For 

Sometimes we can get so caught up in busy daily lives, that we forget about the big picture. Take a minute and  write down who and what you are grateful for. It will  calm you and remind you why you are here. 

TOOL #5: Laugh at Yourself 

Laughter is great medicine. If you can laugh at something that you have done, you won’t take yourself so seriously, and you will realize that we are all human and  make mistakes. 

TOOL #6: Make Time for Fun 

Get out there and have some fun. You will find yourself  able to focus better on your work and approach it in a  

more positive way. 

TOOL #7: Go For a Walk 

Take a few minutes out of your lunch or a coffee break  to take a walk. The fresh air will revitalize you, exercise is good for your body and removing yourself from  the workplace will allow you to return in a better frame  of mind. 

TOOL #8: Get Up Earlier in the Morning 

Even getting up 15 minutes earlier can help with the hurried race to get out the door in the morning. If you start your day right and on time, chances are good the rest of  your day will follow the same way. 

TOOL #9: Make a List. Then Use It. 

Making a list of what you need to do puts your tasks in  perspective and doesn’t make the day so overwhelming.  Use your list and check off what you have completed. It  is a good feeling to see what you have accomplished. 

TOOL #10: Read a Good Book 

Books are a great way to escape our daily lives. Read a  good book, enjoy and savor it, and pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it.

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