What makes the Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist Show Differ From Other Entertainers.

1. The style of the show!

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist offers a fast pace contemporary show for corporate and association audiences!  I use music and feature corporate appropriate humor.  No one is embarrassed no one regrets volunteering and everyone has a memorable positive experience.

2. You receive the show not just an entertainer!

Jesse brings full sound for up to 300 people too many of the events he participates in. He often provides lights as well for events that need to be more budget friendly.  This turns many of the stages he performs on into full productions.

3. Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist focuses on one thing entertaining your audience

While hypnosis is 100 percent safe when practiced by a professional certified comedy hypnotist normal on stage accidents are possible.  For instance someone’s spraining an ankle. 

Jesse has never had an accident that required medical attention and while we don’t expect to you can rest assured that we’re taking every precaution for everyone’s safety. The volunteers are treated with respect and dignity at all times! 

4. You can take pleasure in knowing Jesse Lewis in is the teacher to other stage hypnotists.

He is the author of Mastering Stage Hypnosis as well as author of over 150 books, videos, and  articles on stage hypnosis.

5. The proof is in the testimonials! https://hypnotistjesselewis.com/testimonials/

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist has a track record of outstanding success with corporations, associations, schools and other venues. It is a 100% safe clean fun show! 

6. Jesse is flexible and easy to work with! 

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist supports you with excellent communication, commitment to your events success and an outstanding show your audience will enjoy and appreciate.

7. Jesse even offers customization to achieve your goals and incorporate your message. 

To achieve your objectives and build on your themes Jesse Lewis comedy hypnosis show can customize your program.  This is an added value addition and can really personalize the show to your needs!

8. And finally the most important thing!

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnosis Show has the highest regarded and most proven program for audiences! You need to go with a proven program and nobody touches Jesse Lewis Comedy hypnotist when it comes to client testimonials nor will they even come close.

Go ahead -Try to ask the competition for a client list or ask to review testimonial videos then compare to ours and ask yourself who do you want rely on?

Someone without a proven track record? Or Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist! The choice is simple!

Contact Jesse Today at jesselewishypnosis@gmail.com