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Unparalleled Live Comedy Hypnosis Entertainment

Jesse Lewis is Canada’s Premier Comedy Hypnotist  providing the finest in entertainment for Corporate, Association, School, Service Club and other special events. Using his charisma Jesse masterfully blends his Comedy Hypnosis with ‘clean’ humor and audience participation creating an unparalleled experience for your event.

Comedy Hypnosis Suitable For All Audiences!

Whether you are looking for a full blown hour long after-dinner show for a large audience or need entertainment for an intimate VIP reception, Jesse Lewis’s award-winning programs are guaranteed to strongly resonate with audiences of any size.

Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
{City} Comedy Hypnotist

Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows for large and medium sized events

As an event planner, there is nothing like being able to take credit for organizing entertainment that connects with the audience, exceeds everyone’s expectations and leaves memories with the guests!  Whether you are looking to entertain 1000 attendees at your next convention or a smaller group of just 100 at your holiday party, you can rest assured that Jesse’s dynamic first class performance will leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Finally a Comedy Hypnosis Show That is Safe Clean and Fun!

Finally a Comedy Hypnosis show suitable for all ages and guaranteed to not e offensive! .

100% Clean material suitable for Corporate, High school and community events.

Best of all no one will be embarrassed!

{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist

5 Things you did not know about Jesse Lewis's Comedy Hypnotist Stage Shows

The largest audience he ever performed for was 3000 people!

Jesse Lewis filmed the television special that revolved around hypnosis!

Jesse Lewis wrote the contemporary resource for stage hypnotist – mastering stage hypnosis!

He’s been featured in a local national and international publications!

He has appeared on over 25 radio and television shows across Canada! His media kit can be found:

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist Is Now Booking Across Canada!

To Contact Jesse Comedy Hypnotist About Your Event Just Email:

What makes the Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist show differ from other Comedy Hypnotists.

1. The style of the show!

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist offers a fast pace contemporary show for corporate and association audiences!  I use music and feature corporate appropriate humour.  No one is embarrassed no one is Anthony regret and everyone has a memorable positive experience.

2. You receive the show not an entertainer!

Jesse brings full sound for up to 300 people too many of the events he participates in.  This turns many of the stages he performs on into full productions.

3. Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist focuses on one thing entertaining your audience

While hypnosis is 100 percent safe when practised by a professional certified comedy hypnotist normal on stage accidents are possible.  For instance someone’s spraining an ankle.  Jesse has never had an accident that required medical attention and while we don’t expect to you can rest assured that we’re taking every precaution for everyone’s safety.

4. You can take pleasure in knowing Jesse Lewis in is the teacher to other stage hypnotists. He is the author of Mastering Stage Hypnosis as well as author of over 35 articles on stage hypnosis.

5. The proof is in the testimonials!

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist has a track record of outstanding success with corporations, associations, schools and other venues

6. Jesse is flexible and easy to work with!

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist supports you with excellent communication, commitment to your events success and an outstanding show your audience will enjoy and appreciate.

7. Jesse even offers customization to achieve your goals and incorporate your message

To achieve your objectives and build on your themes Jesse Lewis comedy hypnosis show can customize your program.  This is an added value addition and can really personalize the show to your needs!

8. And finally the most important thing!

Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnosis Show has the highest regarded and most proven program for audiences! You need to go with a proven program and nobody touches Jesse Lewis Comedy hypnotist when it comes to client testimonials nor will they even come close.

Go ahead -Try to ask the competition for a client list or ask to review testimonial videos then compare to ours and ask yourself who do you want rely on?

Someone without a proven track record? Or Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist! The choice is simple!

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4 Questions you must ask before selecting an Entertainer/Comedy Hypnotist

1. Do they specialize in corporate events?

You want a specialist but you also want someone who can perform in front of any audience. The person you select to be your corporate entertainer should be someone that understands the unique demands of your event and what is expected at corporate programs.

2. How many years have they worked corporate events?

It should be 8 to 10 years. That will eliminate about 80 percent of entertainers but this is a good way to know if the act is a proven performer and a good way to protect your self or group from being disappointment.

3. Do they have proof with testimonial videos and letters?

If they don’t simply put they are not proven. This will eliminate another 10 percent of entertainers and the remaining 10 percent are your best chances for success!

4. What is the nature of the show? Does it include appropriate content? Music? Proven material? Can it be customized? Is it fun and funny?

Just like with anything you purchase you want to know what you are getting with your corporate entertainment options. You don’t want any surprises when it comes to your entertainer!

3 questions you must answer!

1. Are you comfortable with the entertainer as a person?

You want to know the person who will be representing you and your organization! You don’t need to know every little personal detail but you should now enough about them that you know their behaviour will be impeccable! 

2. Do you trust the entertainer to deliver 100%?

If you have a little voice in your had saying that this is a bad choice now is the time to listen! Not when it is too late.

3. Are they professional?

What you have experienced so far is a big indication of what you can expect from your entertainer in the future. If they have been slow to respond, excuse prone, or worse unprofessional I would run as far as I could from that entertainer.

Planning events has it’s risks and rewards

Event planing can be a high risk business. Many things can go wrong and by answering these questions you will maximize your rewards and minimize your risks.It is up to you to use these tips and have a terrific event!



3 things you should know about what the Jesse Lewis hypnosis show will do to your group!

1. The volunteers feel great when they get hypnotized!  – 1 hour of hypnosis feels just like 8 hours of sleep. It relieves stress and anxiety and is a lot of fun for everyone! At the end of every show Jesse Lewis Hypnotist gives his volunteers a chance to change their lives and achieve their goals. This is done through his – Dreams Coming True Skit in which participants choose a dream they want to achieve and then experience that dream! Many comedy hypnotists miss this great motivational opportunity with their volunteers.

2. Participants typically stay the whole show! – The show is 100 percent voluntary and Jesse only keeps people who get hypnotized really quickly in the performance area. Those participants have so much fun that they typically stay hypnotized for the duration of the show. In some cases people just pop out (The technical term) and those volunteers just head back to the audience! For those that stay the volunteers immediately comply with Jesse’s suggestions and have a great time on stage. This is the sign of a good hypnotist comedian and true entertainer!

3. Post hypnotics. – Sometimes with really good volunteers Jesse will have them perform actions in the audience and then bring them back up and do more skits. This audience interaction is a huge benifit to many events and  adds to the spontaneity of the show.

Jesse offers many different types of Comedy Hypnosis Shows Comedy Hypnotist Corporate entertainment contact Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist today to request a free quote:

Safe clean fun Comedy Hypnosis Shows For Holiday parties, Staff Parties, Corporate Events, Association Events, High School Assemblies, Dry Grads, Post Proms, Fundraisers, Weddings and other special events.