10 Corporate Christmas Party Ideas that your Employees Will …

10 Corporate Christmas Party Ideas that your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

by Pop! Events | Dec 3, 2019 | Corporate Events, Children’s Holiday Parties, Holiday Office Parties

Group at party

Are you overseeing organizing your annual company Christmas party? Are you having trouble coming up with fun company Christmas party ideas? Have you been discouraged with low attendance or unenthusiastic responses in the past? Did you overhear office gossip regarding the dreaded Christmas Corporate Party? The reason could be that you have been using the same hum drum ideas for the past several years. For instance, think about the list below.

Mediocre music and Entertainment

Sterile looking venues

Unappetizing food

Boring long speeches

Not to worry. Follow along for some amazing Corporate Christmas party ideas especially for you.

First things first. Set your budget, the date and time then, let’s get this party started!!!!

1. Musical Entertainment for Work Christmas Party Ideas

2. Photo opts for Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

3. Christmas Staff Party Ideas for foodies

4. Christmas Office Party Ideas with Wine and Spirits

5. Christmas Staff Party Ideas Revolving Around the Circus

6. Strolling Entertainers & Greeters Provide Boundless Christmas Work Party Ideas

7. Stage and Feature Shows Present Awesome Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

8. Non-Traditional Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

9. Christmas Office Party Ideas for Non-Evening Events

10. Corporate Christmas Party Ideas with a Theme

1. Musical Entertainment for Work Christmas Party Ideas

Funk music band

Music is an integral part of any sort of celebration whether it be a wedding, a sporting event or in this case your Corporate Christmas Party. There are so many different opportunities to include music in your event. The following are specifically tailored for corporate Christmas party ideas.

Electronic music DJ VioletReplace your traditional DJ who just stands there playing boring old repetitive music with a funky Club style DJ who lets his personality shine through and can assess the crowd to determine what gets everybody up and grooving on the dance floor.

Three swing dancersTo energize your audience a great Rock & Roll Band will break all the barriers between millennials and the old folk. Your guests will let their hair down, loose their inhibitions and jive to the great sounds of the 50’s and 60’s.

Jazz bandFor a more subdued atmosphere a Jazz Band lends an element of sophistication to your Christmas Party. Don’t get me wrong though. A great jazz band knows when to turn it down to allow for conversation (dinner time) or pump it up with an element of fun & romance and get everyone up dancing to Swing.

Hip band under expresswayFor an edgier crowd there are some awesome non-traditional bands who transcend barriers of race, sexual orientation and body image. Combined with fabulous vocals, music and incredible choreography these groups will make a statement at your event.

2. Photo opts for Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Camera on yellow

Memories are made through Photography. But if you want something different and innovative rather than the traditional photo booth where everyone puts on goofy props and their picture gets printed out and usually left behind try the following office Christmas party ideas.

Man with mosaic wallFor a jaw-dropping innovative photo opportunity consider a Mosaic Wall where photos are transferred from Instagram, Twitter or an on-site camera or photo booth onto a wall digitally or photos get printed as stickers and your guests position them on a designated position on the wall. From far away the wall appears to be a 3D mosaic but from close you see individual photos. It has got to be the coolest thing since sliced bread!

Photo green booth screenAt your Company Christmas party arrange for a green screen photo booth where your guests can clown it up. You can also create strategic areas in the event where guests can take selfies. Inspire your attendees to share these fun photos on social media such as Instagram.

SloMo video unitA fun Office Christmas party idea is a state of the art SloMo video booth. Watch your guests let their hair down and perform silly antics which are captured in slow motion. Imagine images of your attendees in the middle of a jump high in the air or bubbles floating sky high while your guests gaze at the spectacle in amazement. Prepare a “wall of fun” back at the office with images reminiscent of your great Corporate Christmas Party.

Animated gif of people with antlersA GIF photo booth takes photos but gives 3 prints which allow the attendees to create an animated GIF file to post to social media. This booth is a sure winner at your Corporate Christmas Party

3. Christmas Staff Party Ideas for foodies


What do people talk about before, during and after an event. FOOD! Gone are the days when you could serve the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes and peas. Yuck! There are so many exquisite cuisine offerings available.

Charcuterie spreadFor a sophisticated menu it doesn’t get much better than Charcuterie boards or platters. An assortment of cured meats, cheeses, fresh baked baguettes along with pickled veggies, olives and dried and fresh fruits and nuts creates a photo worthy statement.

Food stations montageIn our wonderfully multicultural city, it would be fun to have stations around the venue set up with traditional foods from different countries.

Two icecream bikesEveryone loves desserts. Try this unconventional dessert idea at your Corporate Christmas Party. Have a parade of dickie dee bicycles branded with your corporate name delivering ice cream to your guests. The drivers can also be dressed according to your theme! So different and so much fun!

4. Christmas Office Party Ideas with Wine and Spirits

Champagne cheers

Standing in line at the bar is annoying. Alleviate this situation with some of the following ideas to welcome your guests and set the tone of the party.

Woman dressed as a chandalierA themed walking table lady offering signature cocktails creates not only a welcoming note, but great photo opts as well.

At left is a greeter dressed as a chandelier.

Wine tasting bar montageConnect with your co-workers at an Interactive Wine Tasting station. Everyone gets 5 tastings and a monogramed wine glass to take home.

Bartender jugglingCreate excitement and entertainment with a Flair Bartender. Watch them juggle liquor bottles or do a flip n’ pour without skipping a beat. This is showmanship at its best. Your guests will be talking about this for days to come.

5. Christmas Staff Party Ideas Revolving Around the Circus

Circus ring

Who doesn’t love the circus? There are so many fun company Christmas party ideas that are circus related. Check out these ideas.

Acrobatic showAcrobatic acts perform amazing feats of human agility and balance. Your guests will be awestruck watching an acrobatic show or enjoy strolling acrobats throughout the evening.

Fire poiHoops & Fire Acts command audience attention. The combination of hula hoops (yes the ones we used to play with back in the 50’s and 60’s) with fire creates a spellbinding show that will astonish your guests.

Circus arial artistAn Aerialist Act performing death defying feats while twisting and spinning high in the air will captivate your guests. The grace and power of these entertainers are amazing to watch.

6. Strolling Entertainers & Greeters Provide Boundless Christmas Work Party Ideas

Cigar greeters

Engaging these entertainers at your event provides marvelous opportunities for interaction and photo opportunities which in turn will create Instagramable moments.

Magic at a corporate showStrolling magicians provide amusement and astonishment at a Corporate Christmas Party. Be prepared to hear over and over…” How did he do that?” The magicians also keep up a steady comedic chit chat that will have guests laughing out loud.

Living red carpet Imagine walking into your Corporate Christmas Party venue and being greeted by The Red Carpet Lady. She will make you feel like a star! You can also enhance the venue with characters dressed as strolling hedges. They are beautiful to look at and make for marvelous photo opts.

Ice Queen Stilt WalkerStilt Walkers will add a totally different dimension to your Corporate Christmas Party. You can choose from a massive variety of themed characters specially suited for your event. Oh! Did I mention that these make for fabulous photo opts.

7. Stage and Feature Shows Present Awesome Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Chicago ShowThis is a fantastic way to say thank you for your staff’s dedication throughout the year. These work Christmas party ideas do not come cheap but what the heck, it’s Christmas. Right?

Moulin Rouge dancersNo need to go to the Big Apple! Bring your favorite Broadway shows to your event. All That Jazz, Cell Block Tango and Roxie Hart from Chicago sung live will be the highlight of your party. At the end the guests are invited to take photos with the actors. A high energy show with super talented dancers in awesome costumes makes Moulin Rouge another ideal Broadway show. But wait, that’s not all! The performers will teach your audience how to do the Can-Can.

Man being shaved by blindfolded womanTreat your staff to some mind-bending performances by illusionists and mentalists. The audience will be mesmerized by these incredible performers who combine audience participation and side-splitting comedy.

Belly dancersYou won’t be able to sit still while watching amazing dance shows from the Middle East Belly Dancers to the South Pacific Polynesian Dance Show or the exotic moves of Bollywood dancers. The high energy Tap Dance Show will leave your audience captivated by the sound of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. These dance shows are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more to choose from.

8. Non-Traditional Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Who says that an office Christmas party must revolve around a formal venue with music and entertainment? Try something out of the ordinary, something that is so left field but so much fun. Consider these fun company Christmas Party ideas.

Axe throwingFor a thrilling experience and something quite different take your staff to an axe throwing venue. Let your guests battle it out for the title of champion axe thrower. (Drinks should be consumed after the competition!)

1930s telephone and top secret docsProfessional actors engage your audience with a hilarious interactive murder mystery scenario. Your guests will get into the plot and will be provided with all sorts of crime props and paraphernalia. This event will have your staff talking about it long after the event.

Figure skaterThis is a fun alternative to a traditional Corporate Christmas Party. There are several ways to make this event exciting. Engage professional skaters to perform a skating show. After the show your staff can take to the ice and skate along with the professionals! They will be pleased to pose for photos. Don’t forget to serve hot chocolate to warm up!

9. Christmas Office Party Ideas for Non-Evening Events

Just because you are hosting a Corporate Christmas Party for your staff it does not have to be held in the evening or a weekend or even at a venue. Try some of these work Christmas party ideas on site.

Edible DIY Crafts

Gingerbread cookie decoThe best DIY edible craft is gingerbread cookies. Watch you staff meticulously decorate their gingerbread treat with icing and sprinkles and chocolate buttons. These cookies probably won’t make it home but that’s ok!

Fortune teller with tarot cardsWhat can be more elegant that having a gourmet brunch complete with champagne and orange juice. But what to do after brunch? Hire seated entertainers to engage your guests. Tarot card readers, handwriting analysts, caricaturists and yes even tattoo artists. Everyone will have a memento to take home.

Christmas basketFor a truly meaningful Holiday Season have your staff contribute food, clothing and toys. Gather in an area large enough to create Christmas baskets for local charities. Work in teams to deliver these gifts personally. This most likely will become an annual activity.

10. Corporate Christmas Party Ideas with a Theme

Alice in wonderland with mad hatter1950s car

For the ultimate fun company Christmas Party go with a theme. Themed parties always create a buzz and your staff will be inspired to come up with awesome costumes relating to the theme. Prizes for the best costume of course! Below are some great ideas to bring out the awesomeness in your staff.

Great Gatsby

Alice in Wonderland



There you have it folks! You now have all the ammunition necessary with all the great Corporate Christmas party ideas. But, one passing thought though. Your employees have worked hard all year long. To show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication, hire an event planner to orchestrate this very important event for your company. Let your entire staff enjoy the party.

Have a safe and meaningful Holiday Season.