4 Questions You Must Ask Your Corporate Entertainer:

Hiring an entertainer can be a really hard process, these tips will help you narrow down your search so you make the right choice. 

1. Does the entertainer specialize in Corporate Events like the one you are having? Holiday parties, corporate meetups, team building events all have very different needs! 

You want a specialist – but you also want someone who can perform in front of any audience. The person you select to be your corporate entertainer should be someone that understands the unique demands of your event and what is expected at corporate programs.

2. How many years have they worked corporate events?

It should be a minimum of 8 to 10 years you want a pro. Entertainers with at least 10 years experience will have at least 1000 events under their belt. That requirement will eliminate about 80 percent of entertainers. This is a good way to know if the act is a proven performer and a good way to protect your self or group from being disappointment. You don’t stay in the entertainment industry that long unless you have a solid act.

3. Do they have proof with testimonial videos and letters?

If they don’t simply put they are not proven. This will eliminate another 10 percent of entertainers and the remaining 10 percent are your best chances for success! You can check my testimonials out here: https://hypnotistjesselewis.com/testimonials/

4. What is the nature of the show? Does it include appropriate content? Music? Proven material? Can it be customized? Is it fun and funny?

Just like with anything you purchase you want to know what you are getting with your corporate entertainment options. You don’t want any surprises when it comes to your entertainer or worse a trip to HR . To avoid this the entertainment you pick must be 100% suitable for your audience. 

The first consideration is that is must be CLEAN. 

The second is that is must be SAFE, avoid things like fire, and death defying stunts where things can go wrong. Remember Murphy’s law – what can go wrong will go wrong.

The third consideration is FUN, you want to have engagement and nothing engages like fun. What does fun mean to your group? Does it mean a comedian? Does it mean Live music? 

5. Do they provide resources to help you plan your event and help guide you in the right direction? Even if they are not a good fit?

Not every entertainer is a good fit for every event. For instance my hypnosis show is not a great choice for events with under 40 people in attendance. Hypnosis shows require decent sized audiences to be really successful and look good on stage. I often refuse those sizes of audiences to protect my clients. 

Now as a bonus so you can dive a little deeper and make a great choice for your entertainment: 3 questions you must answer before you select an entertainer!

1. Are you comfortable with the entertainer as a person?

You want to know the person who will be representing you and your organization! You don’t need to know every little personal detail but you should now enough about them that you know their behavior will be impeccable!

2. Do you trust the entertainer to deliver 100%?

If you have a little voice in your had saying that this is a bad choice now is the time to listen! Not when it is too late.

3. Are they professional?

What you have experienced so far is a big indication of what you can expect from your entertainer in the future. If they have been slow to respond to emails, excuse prone, or worse unprofessional I would run as far as I could from that entertainer and hire a real pro. Yes entertainers are people but there is an old saying how you do anything is how you do everything. If your entertainer is not giving you their very best service before the event then chances are they will not give you the best service at the event either! 

Planning events has it’s risks and rewards:

Event planning can be a high risk business. Many things can go wrong and by answering these questions you will maximize your rewards and minimize your risks. It is up to you to use these tips and have a terrific event!
If you would like to book me feel free to reach out I would love to hear from you and help make your event a huge success.