How to Coordinate a Successful, Safe, Sober Graduation Party Your Grads Will Remember Forever!

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The Best Grad Parties – Having fun and keeping students safe!

The job of planning a graduation party is a task that requires effort, organization and attention to detail.  The goal of this page is to provide a time saving map to your success, a step by step outline you can follow that will maximize your efforts and lead to your graduation party success!

Within this special report we have packed information that you can begin applying immediately.

So, the graduation is fast approaching, (sooner than you think) let’s begin…

Graduation Party Overview – Making memories that last a lifetime:

Not long ago “organized” grad parties were unheard of. Usually kids would get together on their own and celebrate in ways and environments that are not as safe as those that are being provided these days. The graduation party was born out of the desire to reduce dangerous activities and increase the fun the grads have.

The successful grad party is one that will be well attended, safe, fun and substance free and that will create memories that last a lifetime.

It is a great reward for students that are passing into adulthood and provides peace of mind to the parents and loved ones knowing the kids are celebrating in a rewarding, safe manner.

For many students this will be a very emotional experience. Many will be going separate ways and this one last night is to celebrate, enjoy and embrace the friendships they have forged.

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Budgeting  and Determining Your Grad Party Possibilities – Getting the Most Bang for Your Schools Dollar!

Preparing a budget for your event is critical for a successful outcome. You will need to determine if you are going to charge the kids to attend or fund raise and make attendance complimentary. In either case you must begin with an approximate budget figure. That will dictate your options and later you can refine your specific budget as you determine your specific funds and expenses.

Answer the following questions: What is your approximate budget for your grad party? How much total is potentially available to finance your grad party? How many individuals are attending your party?  Now divide your budget by the number of individuals attending to determine your per person cost.

The price per person can vary greatly from between $35.00 to $325.00 per person. In my years doing this some grads decide to have huge budgets and others choose to be more low key. Your budget will dictate whether your event will be held at your school, at a hotel, health club, offers door prizes, types of entertainment, types of food, awards, etc. For right now determine the approximate total budget for your event and break it down to it’s per person amount. As your planning continues you will have firm budget numbers to rely on.

Selecting Your Graduation Party Event Site

If your event is on your school site, then you need only consider the decor of your room. If it is to be off site, begin to compile a list of possible venues. After compiling a list of venues, send the sales department of each property a Request For Proposal (RFP’s often called a quote) outlining the requirements of your event. The RFP can include such information as the preferred dates for your event (it is best to give a couple different possibilities), the amount of space you require, the range of acceptable rates, requirements, a tentative agenda, and the amount and type of space needed.

This information will help the site decide whether it is able to host your function according to your specifications. Be as specific as you can with regards to your budget. These individuals know what they can provide and how to cut costs to maximize your budget for your grads.


Based on the responses to your RFP, narrow down the field and arrange to inspect the sites you’re considering. Things to consider during a site inspection: overall appearance, amenities, swimming pool, work out area, basketball, court games, space available, accessibility for people with disabilities, kitchen, type of events you want to host on site, etc.

If you cannot inspect the site in person, a detailed questionnaire will suffice. Also, many sites have websites that include layouts of their available space.

The earlier you book your site the more options you will have. After determining whom best will serve you, negotiate a written contract that outlines everything! Deposit procedures, method of payment, space, and cancellation policy.

Some terrific sites to consider include: health clubs, YMCA’s, naval bases, casinos, hotels, university halls, bars that do events, conference centers, and of course, right on your own schools campus. I have even seen graduation events done on fairgrounds! It is all up to your imagination. One cost saving measure could be to book off season winter venues when the ice is out – hockey arenas and curling rinks!

Creating An Entertainment Schedule that Rocks! Awesome, Safe, Suitable Graduate Entertainment… Your Key to Grad Party Success!

Now it is time to determine your grads desires. What would your graduates enjoy? Brainstorm, perhaps even survey your graduates. Would they enjoy games? Inflatable games? Live

Band? DJ? Swimming? Pizza? Pasta? Would they like to win prizes or enjoy live entertainment that will have them laughing and applauding with audience participation?

Your event has limitless possibilities. It could be a theme night, a step back into the 1920s, the 1950s, even the 1970s. You could stage a Broadway musical, host a murder mystery, or a safari. Think futuristic, historical, or wild west.

Perhaps your guests would enjoy personal entertainment. Consider having someone analyze your guests handwriting and describe their personalities or draw caricatures that the students can take home with them. Would your grads enjoy a sit down meal or a buffet? A Palm Reader? Ice skating? Casino games? A Velcro wall?

Most parents find the most important entertainment aspect of a grad party that we are involved with is the music and an audience participation show.

Music is so important to the kids and captures this period of their life. The audience participation show always becomes the most talked about event of the grad party, and the least expensive when compared to other events that service the entire student body!

So, let your imagination run wild, confined only by what is appropriate for your students. Think of all your options…and your students…

Remember, you want to provide an event your grads will want to be present at so you draw maximum attendance and fun while achieving your objectives of a safe sober graduation.

Consider your full evenings entertainment and appeal to everyone across the board…..

Events should be planned for groups and events should be planned for individuals. Appeal to everyone’s interests. Have a lot going on at all times. If some students want to talk and relax have a area they can, if others want to sing karoke have a separate area that is available. Your entertainment schedule is very important to your graduates.

Music, dancing, fun, inflatables, games, and shows will make or break your grad party!

A bad entertainment schedule will wreck your event! If your entertainment schedule does not keep your grads attention they will get bored, start creating their own games, or worse leave.

The good news is, an outstanding entertainment schedule can provide a, bonding experience and will provide a group community experience that will later be talked about and remembered for years.

We  know, we perform at a number of high school reunions for groups that we performed at for their graduation parties years earlier. They talk about their grad parties and remember fondly for years the fun they had, who was hypnotized, what they did when they were, etc.

Keep your students interested, stimulated, and appeal to their interests! You will receive the credit, compliments, and satisfaction from students and parents alike.

Ask yourself, what type of events would your students enjoy?

Would they like to:

* Laugh?

* Participate?

* Are the events suitable for the students?

* Is the content appropriate?

* Is it appealing to students?

Here is a list of specific events/ areas that can/ do appeal to Grad Party students. This list is provided to give you ideas and should be considered with regard to your students interests:

For your consideration:

* Swimming

* Racquetball

* Inflatable games (Velcro wall, bungee run, etc.)

* Casino games

* Door Prizes

* Parent directed games

* Basketball

Highly recommended activities for a successful Grad Party:

* Audience Participation Show ( YES A HYPNOTIST)

* Music (live band, DJ or both)

* Food (the more the better)

{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist

Why are these three activities necessary for a outstanding Grad Party?


Food….well that is a given. You can provide potato chips, salads, pizza, sub sandwiches or all but at different times throughout the evening.


Music captures this period in your grads life. They will listen to this music and forever connect it to their high school years. You may have a DJ or live band. Some groups prefer both. You can also have karoke.

Audience Participation Show

Your students love to laugh, participate and watch their friends up onstage. This type of show allows them to do that!

It is now time to begin promoting your event to your students. If nobody attends, all of your work and your safe and fun graduation objectives go unsatisfied!

Earlier you determined what your grads would enjoy, now it is time get the word out and let everyone now they will have a terrific time!

If you are providing a theme event, let them know! If you are having prize drawings, get the word out! If you are having a climbing wall, publicize it. If you are having a Hypnosis Show, promote it, and your grads will line up for your event!

Let your guests know what to wear. What activities will be going on. Consider keeping some of the activities secret….so you are continually surprising the students throughout the evening.

Utilize every aspect of your event schedule to maximize your attendance! Get your students excited! Otherwise, your grads will not attend!

Putting together a Grad Party using this report and utilizing these techniques and you will have a large attendance that is excited for your terrific celebration!

Your Grad Party Success…The Big Day!

The Grad Party day has arrived and all your effort will soon be realized! Rely on your support staff and committees. Murphy’s law will always try to catch you unprepared, however, you will be ready to head off any problems and present a terrific event!

Have a lot of great (to the kids) music playing, activities constantly going and schedule popular events that the kids will enjoy and you will have a can’t fail, huge hit of a Grad Party!

As you are seeing your event come to fruition, you can take pleasure in the fact that the graduates are safe, having fun and will have memories that last a lifetime!

Congratulations on a job well done.

A Professional Event Planner Can Help

Professional event planners know the ropes. Their experience and creativity can help make your Grad Party a success and can be especially useful in overcoming unforeseen obstacles. There are even some event planners that specialize just in Graduation Parties.

What to Ask Your Prospective Event Planner

It’s important to understand that quality always varies.You don’t want to secure the services of a firm that does more harm then good, just because they are cheaper. Yet, you don’t want to secure the services of a firm just because they are the most expensive.

When interviewing event planners for your project, you might ask some of the following questions:

  1. How long has your company been in business
  2. How many years of experience do you have in planning special events?
  3. Do you have photos documenting your work?
  4. Are you fully staffed? How many employees do you have?
  5. Can you be reached on weekends and after hours?
  6. Who will be the contact people for my event?
  7. Who will be on-site during my event?
  8. What is your schedule of payments?

What to Ask Your Prospective Stage Hypnotist or Your Event Planner Providing a Stage Hypnotist

When interviewing your prospective hypnotist or speaking to your event planner regarding the stage hypnotists they are offering you, be sure to ask them the following questions:

  1. Are they a professional stage hypnotist?
  2. How long have they been a professional hypnotist?
  3. How long is their show?
  4. Do they belong to any professional affiliations?
  5. Do they have a demo video?

Make sure you are always retain the services of a professional hypnotist that has experience with grad parties.

If you get a hypnotist that is use to working comedy clubs or bars they are going to be doing material not appropriate for your audience or parent supporters. Always, get a demo video or online promotional package which should include testimonials demo video and news articles! 


You are well on your way to providing a wonderful graduation event! It will be an event that will achieve your safety and celebration objectives and satisfy your grads desires.