Live Stage Hypnosis in Winnipeg, MB

Unparalleled Live Comedy Hypnosis Entertainment In Winnipeg, MB

Jesse Lewis is Canada’s Premier Stage Hypnotist  providing the best
in entertainment for Corporate, Association, School, Service Club and
other special events. Using his charisma Jesse masterfully blends his
Comedy Hypnosis with ‘pure’ humor and audience participation creating
an wonderful experience for your event..

Stage Hypnosis Suitable For All Groups! in Winnipeg, MB

Whether you are looking for a full blown after-dinner show for a large audience or need entertainment for an intimate event, Jesse Lewis’s award-winning Comedy programs are guaranteed to strongly resonate with audiences of any size.

Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
{City} Comedy Hypnotist

Live Comedy Hypnosis in Winnipeg, MB

Stage Hypnosis Shows for all sizes of events in Winnipeg, MB

As an planner, there is nothing like being able to take credit for organizing entertainment that connects with the audience, exceeds everyone’s expectations and leaves memories with the guests!  It can be had to find real professional entertainers! Your worries are over with Jesse Lewis Stage Hypnotist!

Finally a Stage Hypnotist That is Safe Clean and Fun!

Finally a stage Hypnosis show suited for all ages and guaranteed to not e offensive! .

100% Clean material suitable for Corporate, High school and community events.

Best of all no one will be embarrassed!Comedy Hypnosis in Winnipeg, MB

{City} Comedy Hypnotist