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Hypnotic Sales techniques is the key to building long term customers in an ethical way!

Why A Hypnotic Sales workshop is the right choice!

Simply put sales is the life blood of your company. Without sales your company cannot exist. That is why it is important to have up to date sales processes and techniques that communicate effectively what you provide to your clients and customers.

gone are the days of the slimy salesman and thank goodness. using hypnotic sales techniques you can learn to communicate your message, build trust, learn to engage and listen to your customer while leading them to the right choice for the sale.

This workshop is designed to make your sales communications better and guide your sales people in the right direction. Hypnotic Sales is not about manipulation it is all about trust.

Jesse’s funny and fast-paced workshops—from break-out sessions to day-long training’s—are smart, lively, approachable, energetic and engaging. OF COURSE they are customized for your event.

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