Hypnotic Stress Management is the key to making your work less stressful.

Why A Hypnotic Stress Workshop Is The Right Choice!

Absolutely anyone—Owners, CEO’s, nurses, accountants, introverts, extroverts—can learn to successfully apply the tools of hypnosis to cultivate more energy, spontaneity, self-trust, and creativity in everyday life. All while reducing Stress!

A Hypnotic Stress reduction Workshop  is an effective solution to help build your teams dynamic and get people working together.

Hypnotic Stress Reduction Workshops require you to tackle what is causing your stress, create a plan and use that plan to be less stressed.

These are skills we can all learn to use to be happier and more effective each day. Jesse Lewis’s brand of applied Hypnotic stress reduction will encourage your team to bond over a fun and unique experience that will improve their overall performance by helping them communicate, and stay flexible, and build the skills to successfully manage change.

Jesse’s funny and fast-paced workshops—from break-out sessions to day-long training’s—are smart, lively, approachable, energetic and engaging. OF COURSE they are customized for your event.

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