Safe Clean Fun Comedy Hypnosis For your entertainment needs!

AMazing Entertainment is What I do!

Just Imagine.....

The stage is set, the lights are low, everyone is all dressed up and you know its time for the highlight of the event. Its time for the entertainment!

A sharp dressed man walks on stage and your event is officially a hit. All of the hard work has paid off.


It just does not seem possible! So easy to book it, So professional, not like any other entertainer you have ever worked with!

You know exactly how hard it is to find entertainment or your events! especially entertainment that is Fun, Full of laughter and guaranteed not to offend any guests!


It doesn’t seem possible, so easy to book, so professional and now a great
You know that its really difficult to find an entertainer who will satisfy your
requirements and expectations. Especially one who is fun, humorous and guaranteed not to offend any guests.

Are you to the point where you think that kind of entertainer doesn’t exist?


Meet a different kind of entertainer Jesse Lewis,
The Motivational Comedy Hypnotist.
All of your concerns will be blown away because when you work with Jesse
you get:
Amazing audience participation that creates fantastic  memories for your guests.

An environment that is safe, clean, and fun so you have no worries that your guests will find the  material inappropriate.
Custom designed unforgettable memories for your audience so they will be talking about YOUR event for a long time!

Your audience will be at the edge of their seat participating during your event fully engaged and fully present.
It’s your time to have Safe, Clean, Fun entertainment with years of experience! Realize the possibilities of your event with
Jesse Lewis.



You need your event to be safe! Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist Does just that! Performing a safe comedy hypnosis show since 2007!


Entertainment that is suitable for grandma! No vulgar language or suggestions It is all kept squeaky clean!


Yes THE MOST IMPORTANT PART is fun! Proven laughs and a whole lot of smiles! Perfect for any event!

The magic of Experience

Since way back in 2007 Jesse Lewis Comedy Hypnotist has used hypnosis to entertain audiences all over the world!

You Want An Expert On Stage Hypnosis Entertainment?
Hire Me I Wrote The Book On Stage Hypnosis!

Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis

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Comedy Hypnosis in the media? Jesse Lewis Hypnotist is there!
Radio Television Podcasts and Even In Print MEdia!

Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist
Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis

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