“The Incredible True Story Barbara had a great Staff party in Vancouver, British Columbia– And How You Can Too!”

Having a great Staff party doesn’t have to be hard -- if you know the secret of booking a great entertainer…

Barbara is a lot like you… She works a corporate job and her boss put her in charge of the Staff party entertainment in Vancouver, British Columbia. This was on top of all of her other duties at work! And like you, Barbara is busy and does not have time to waste, she has other jobs to do as well! Maybe you can relate…

Stage Hypnotist Jesse Lewis
{City} Comedy Hypnotist

In the past Barbara tried to hire an entertainer for the company Staff party in Vancouver, British Columbia by using over priced entertainment agencies and speakers bureaus. She went online and did a search for local entertainers even contacted a few, but yet she could not find a Staff party entertainer that was a good fit. But then Barbara made a marvellous discovery that changed everything…

On a whim, She did something a little different.

She had heard about a colleague who had hired a comedy hypnotist so she called up Jesse Lewis.

And what happened next was absolutely astounding…

{City} Comedy Hypnotist
{City} Comedy Hypnotist

Barbara was cautious at first, thinking it was all a fluke.

How was this guy so easy to deal with. It seemed he had her best interests in mind. He even sent her some free planning guides and ideas to make the party a huge success!
She hired him and it just kept getting better, he showed up on time and the show was top notch!

Fast forward 2 months and the staff are still talking about how well the holiday party went! Finally, Barbara had found an entertainer that was trustworthy and did not offend anyone! Just look at what others are saying about The Jesse Lewis Hypnosis Show and the amazing holiday parties!

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