The Seven Fatal Flaws of Grad Party Planning


By Jesse Lewis


This quick article is designed to help you avoid the most common problems in planning this event! We hope you find it valuable and please consider putting it into the file to help plan next years event.

Lets get right to it…

  • Not focusing on the “total experience”

Many events lack focus. What do you want your event to be remembered for? What do you want to achieve? What ultimately do you want the event to mean to the kids? Without considering this important element it is impossible to plan a successful event.

  • Incomplete schedule of events

An event of this nature must be planned out very carefully. You must break the entire evening down by time, and now exactly when not only events are going to happen, but when the set up for those events will occur, and the tear down.

Attorneys track time in fifteen minute segments, it would certainly be valuable for you to do the same. The more careful and more extensive you outline your schedule, the more on track you will stay.

  • Not being as structured as you could be

The kids are there to have fun and the more structured you make your event the less issues you will have. A well planned event is scheduled with a variety of options, that keep the kids engaged so that they don’t become board and create their own schedule of events, which may not be appropriate activities for everyone.

  • Not abiding by the most important rule; “Safety first.”

Budget is always an issue and determining where to cut corners and where not is an important topic. One of the fatal flaws of event planning is taking budget from one area, and putting into another. For instance it would not make sense to take funds allocated to safety and move them over to an extra half hour of fun. The risk would be too high, the most important rule is keep everyone safe.

  • Not providing a schedule that appeals to everyone

Appealing to the masses is what it is all about for your event! You want a well rounded schedule that will be fun for everyone and leave them not only satisfied they attended, but raving about your event. A schedule with a lot of variety is the best way to satisfy everyone.

  • Not establishing the rules

Rules are not fun to talk about, but it is important that everyone is on the same page. Make sure that not only are the kids aware of the boundaries, but the staff and volunteers are as well. It is like the Boy Scout motto, “Always be prepared.”

And it is much better to prepare when you have time too, instead of under the gun or after it is too late.

And finally….

  • Not involving as many people as possible for support staff

It takes the efforts of a number of people to bring this event together, sometimes people will volunteer and then later have second thoughts, or they will have a family emergency and not be able to participate like they thought, it is best to plan ahead and have far more staff then you require. Because it is far easier to deal with too much staff than not enough.


I hope you have found this quick report valuable, and please consider adding this to the file for next year. Following these seven rules will allow you to plan an event that will avoid all the fatal flaws!

And that is the first step to planning a wonderful event.

I look forward to hearing about your success!


Jesse Lewis – Comedy Hypnotist


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