How to make an event planning checklist!

How to Create an Event Planning Checklist

Planning an event can be stressful. And the perfect solution to reducing stress, is a complete checklist that helps you make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Here’s a basic event checklist of the top ten things that must be considered, for managing any event.

#1. Event Goals, What are the 3-5 goals that your client wishes to achieve. Getting these defined early on can provide clarity, even before you start the planning process.

#2. Event Budget. what is the overall budget, and how is it broken down by specific cost items?

#3. Your team. Who are the key members of your team?and what role will each one of them play?
#4 Event Venue What venue is perfect for your event and does it meet your schedule and cost targets?
#5 Event Program what is the agenda for the event, and are all the topics covered?
#6. Catering. How will food and beverage be managed at the event.
#7. Entertainment. What are the entertainment needs for the event, and which team member will lead this.
#8. Guest Invitations. How will invitations be designed and delivered to the event guests?
#9. Event wrap up. When will tear down happen. and who will manage this?
And finally. #10. event feedback, how will you collect retrospective feedback at end of the event to review what worked well, and what didn’t?

We hope you found this checklist useful. To learn more about event and wedding planning, check out our blogs and videos, at the International Institute of Event Management!