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Team Building is one of the most rewarding parts of work and life.
Team building workshops are available in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why A Hypnotic Team Building Workshop Is The Right Choice! Get a Hypnotic Team building workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Absolutely anyone—Owners, CEO’s, nurses, accountants, introverts, extroverts—can learn to successfully apply the tools of hypnosis and comedy to cultivate more energy, spontaneity, self-trust, and creativity in everyday life.

Hypnotic Team building is an effective solution to help build your teams dynamic and get people working together!

Hypnotic Improv comedy requires quick thinking, collaboration, getting out of our own way, and being in the moment without being a perfectionist. These are skills we can all learn to use to be happier and more effective each day. Jesse Lewis’s brand of applied Hypnotic improvisation will encourage your team to bond over a fun and unique experience that will improve their overall performance by helping them communicate, and stay flexible, and build the skills to successfully manage change.

Jesse’s funny and fast-paced workshops—from break-out sessions to day-long training’s—are smart, lively, approachable, energetic and engaging. OF COURSE they are customized for your event.

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1. Hypnotic Team Building Explained:

For years now, people’s perception of team building has been synonymous with images of people building rafts, taking part in ‘awkward’ trust exercises, or being stranded whilst orienteering in the middle of nowhere. Let’s just say Hypnotic Team building is different!

It may come as a surprise to a lot of people to learn that things have actually evolved in the area of team building. In fact you can get a hypnotic team building workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba

2. Conferences – The Good/The Bad

Whilst conferences are the single most common way to converge an entire company in one location for a collaborative session of discussion and networking, quite often you are asked to provide Conference Energizing activities to whip-up the room and revitalize delegates throughout the day after prolonged periods of intense presentations and slide shows. A poorly delivered Staff Conference can have a negative impact on the morale of your employees.That is why it is important to have a great team building event in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Without the addition of carefully chosen team building activities, energizers or keynote speaker, you can be faced with delegates criticizing the day for being “death-by-PowerPoint”, “chalk-and-talk” or another favourite is “analysis-paralysis”.

3. Think about Going Abroad

Organizing team building events that are to be delivered overseas and internationally can be a daunting event to manage as there are so many variables and added logistics to cope with; hundreds of flights, hundreds of requirements, hundreds of hotel rooms – all in a venue that aren’t exactly fluent in English – needless to say things can be lost in translation!

That being said the output of such an event is very useful to a team and something where people are away from their comfort zone and having to work together will definitely mould a team quicker and stronger than anything local. If choosing to go on an international trip for your team building event make sure you give your staff down time to enjoy the scenery. this can be a much needed rest and relaxation session for your staff.

4. What team building events will your team most enjoy?

Often clients want to drill down to finite details about the specific activities that make up team building workshops including a minute-by-minute agenda. Not only is that not applicable for this type of training since it’s often a fluid and dynamic process, but it is really focusing on the texture of the bark on the trees rather than stepping back for a view of the forest. You cannot schedule a breakthrough for your team but you can give them the tools to have one.

What is important is having a clear goal for this portion of your meeting. One mistake companies make is having a “We do a team building activity at this meeting every year” attitude with no real thought about what they want to get out of it. How do you choose the right team building activity? It’s best to take the Stephen Covey approach and begin with the end in mind. A poorly planned team building event in Winnipeg, Manitoba without a specific goal in mind is a sure way to fail.

Before you start filling out forms and making phone calls to team building companies, think about the goals for this session. If you are the information gatherer, press the decision makers for additional information beyond the tired and overused “team building” and “communication” for something more concrete like breaking down silos or building creative problem solving skills. On the surface you might be looking for something fun and interactive, but there’s a good chance that if the company is spending several thousand dollars on this event, someone is looking for tangible outcomes.

Team building activities are exercises that can help teams build cohesion and work through a host of common group issues. They are used as educational tools to provide opportunities to at least begin discussions that can be continued back at the workplace.

How do you choose the right team building activity or facilitator for your meeting? It’s like the ingredients of a delicious recipe. Instead of focusing on the macaroni , which isn’t particularly interesting in itself but put in context of other ingredients becomes a flavourful dish, begin with the end in mind. If you take a step back and focus on the goals and outcomes from your meeting you will make the right decision for a team building activity. That way you will make one heck a of a casserole!

5. When to do team building? Take a look at January – April!

Research has shown that one of the best ways to avoid that after Christmas lull into depression is by doing things that actually give you a cause to look forward to something. So why not invigorate your team and give them something to get excited about with a January kick-off Hypnotic team building events. A fun corporate event means that whilst Christmas is over, the gifts just keep on giving. Activities testing physical, mental, skill and creative capabilities revive the thrill of Christmas and good old family fun, and your team will be left feeling energized and ready to take on the working world once more. Or why not revitalize your team and get their engines going with a great hypnotic team building workshop!

There are a range of no-nonsense successful packages catering to any budget and that really aim to target the core skills for devising your perfect team, Hypnotic team building events are guaranteed to put a much needed smile on your employees face… and yours too!

New Year’s resolutions – we’ve all made them. Whether it’s deciding to join the gym and actually use it this year, de-clutter the house or stick to your diet for longer than just New Year’s Day this time around, January 1st is a day designed for CHANGE.

But for all our good intentions, studies have shown that by January 10th most of us will have already given up our resolutions, a mere nine days after they were made, with three-quarters of 3,000 British admitting they were no longer confident they would stick to their promises for the rest of the month.If you’re failing to see these changes through at home though, don’t let this be the case at work. Take the opportunity to really target the issues you may have with your team and challenge them to raise their game. Now we’re not talking a full-blown bloody boxing match to get the competitive side out of your team or making 2 million personal and business changes… instead create a sense of healthy competition and determination in your employees with a Hypnotic team building corporate event high on energy, high on fun.



Workshops/Programs for Corporate groups are available! Please Select the workshop you would like more information about below!

Hypnotic Team building is known as a process for achieving team bonding and cohesiveness to accomplish desired objectives.

Some of the common types of team building programs are: 

1. Retreat program – the purpose of this event is to provide an avenue for team members to have fun and feel entertained through games and activities. Often these types of program are held at resorts or hotels and have not only a team building component but also a relaxation component.

2. Basic Team Bonding Program – a program designed to allow members to acquire conceptual understanding about team work, as well to have ice-breaking of every member in the team. This type of event is designed to help build relationships and break silo’s within an organization.

3. Team building Motivational programs – are aimed at inspiring individuals of a team to realize their hidden potential and work towards attainment of their goal. The changes made after team building each individual are designed to improve the overall productivity.

4. Conflict/Crisis Management Program – is specifically designed to support an organization to overcome conflict at workplace, team conflict, departmental conflict, sudden crisis response or emerging problem. Often mergers or economic downturns are a cause for this type of program.

5. Results Driven Program – is designed to provide ROI on specific areas through team building. These include Sales, Workplace Productivity, Customer Satisfaction Improvement programs, new product launches and marketing initiatives.

The first 3 programs are the most common type of such program organized by organizations. However, over the last 15 years, there are emerging trends showing that most large organization are turning to Results Driven Programs as their best option to accomplish their organizations’ objectives.

Many companies are acquiring the expertise of results driven program organizers to host their Sales Drive activities. Other companies are making use of team building activities to achieve other objectives, such as Customer Satisfaction, Retail Sales Improvement, Safety Response, Team Challenges and many other programs focusing on achieving other specific targets.

While many business owners and HR practitioners are still on the fence, many organizations are already reaping rewards or ROI by choosing Results Driven Team Building program.

Let us see how we could utilize results driven program to reap a similar or better success in results through such program.

Here are the 9 most important tips on how your organization could make use of results driven program to accomplish your targets.

1. Team building is for empowerment
Who said Results Driven program has to be boring? All type of team building should blend the element of FUN and CHALLENGING together. For a program that is going to drive results for an organization, it needs to incorporate a lot of empowerment towards the audience with a good blend of activities. Your group can only be empowered if they feel that they are appreciated.

2. Be clear of your target
Business owners or Management need to be clear that a properly designed program can be used to boost or empower their people to accomplish their objectives. With this in mind, business owners and managers need to come up with specific expectations to accomplish through such event. These expectations could be Sales volume, level of customer satisfaction, productivity improvement, project dateline, staff morale or other objectives. It need to be specified in quantity or volume so it can be measured.

3. Choose a team building consultant
There are 2 different types of organizers of such program in the market place, which are event organizers and team building consultants. Event organizers are normally capable to conduct the first two types of team building. The other types of team building activities need the expertise of team building consultant. As the client, an organization should obtain useful information on how to accomplish their expectations through such event from the consultant. At the same time the consultant will need complete details about the current performance, demographic details about their target audience and other useful details. This is usually done through a phone consultation/discovery call.

4. Design of program, activities and experiential learning activities
One of the most important areas to give close attention in organizing a results driven team building program is on the program structure. A well designed program should incorporate a mix of team building activities and it should have the following components;

1) Games,

2) Motivation,

3) Challenges,

4) Competition

5) Rewards.

It should have the balance between FUN and LEARNING. Fun is to ensure the audience is excited about the program. While Learning is to ensure that the audiences are with necessary skills/knowledge to be prepared for the challenge.

5. Take Back Challenges – how to measure
Members should be aware that they have brought back a set of challenges to accomplish within a period of time. A good take back challenges should be briefed thoroughly during the team building, and it should be implemented within 7 days after the program. The duration of challenge could be at least for duration of 1 month.

The take back challenge itself should be designed in a way that members have to compete to accomplish the task given. It will be like a race between individuals or members. For example, is there a specific goal you want achieved within a month – that is your challenge, Which department has shown greatest increase in productivity?”, “Which has highest level of customers satisfaction?” and others

6. Tracking Tools
Since there are targets to accomplish, a periodical tracking is required to gather actual performance results. This tracking should generate daily, weekly or monthly reports. Through the report, managers can compare the performance shown by each member who attended the results driven program. A tracking format can be made available through manual report, spreadsheet, software or other options. The best person to suggests a proper tracking would be the team building consultant. Without tracking, it is ineffective to run a challenge. generally you can tell by the performance of your teams if the challenges are working and each challenge should have a real results driven award at the end. If your team increases sales by a certain amount give them a reward. If they improve customer satisfaction give them a reward. Real rewards matter cash is king if your group is going above and beyond and really generating ROI for your company reward them and make their lives better.

7. Management/Leader’s Involvement and Intervention
Management or immediate superiors’ involvement is seen as one of the most important requirements during implementation of the take back challenge. One important thing to note here is that superiors need to use an empowering approach when dealing with their team. Otherwise, the confidence and sense of ownership created among staff during team building will fail. Superiors are expected to provide the best support to their team in order to accomplish the given challenge successfully. If leadership is not good a leading then all of the team building in the world will fail. Do you need to teach your leaders how to lead?

8. Offer Rewards for achieving goals
Rewards play a crucial role in empowering individuals to perform. Individuals who are results driven always want to show their competitiveness by showing that they desire to win the reward offered. Rewards can be offered to most successful individuals or team, and it does not have to be expensive but is should be a real reward. Offering a pizza party to your staff is not really a reward nut giving them all gift cards for a family meal at a good restaurant shows you appreciate them and the ones they love as well.  It would be useful if the rewards can be offered on weekly and at the end of the challenge. A hamper, certificate of achievement, paid holiday trip can be useful reward to offer. But, managers must ensure that the rewards offered are worthwhile for the results accomplished. For instance if your sales people were to generate an extra half a million per quarter in sales then the reward should be big. If customer satisfaction and loyalty goes up by 50% it should be a big reward. consider that your team is the life blood of your business and if they are achiving the goals set out then reward them for it. A paycheque is not enough in todays world! 

9. Discuss the ways you measure success – ROI
It is very important to measure the success of a results driven program by looking at the financial gain reaped. Compare the money spent to conduct the program. A positive ROI will definitely indicate a similar team building program could be used to accomplish other targets in an organization. 

Team building is about building a better working dynamic but also a better business. You may have superstars hiding in your workplace you just don’t know it yet and you wont until you challenge them!

By having these 9 tips in our mind now, we are ready to organize a Results Driven Team Building program and effectively accomplish our organization’s expectations.